Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Trip To Dimna Lake

On 10 th Jan'09, 10:00 a.m a foggy winter morning, we started our journey to
Dimna Lake & Water Reservoir in a baby auto from Beldi Lake area near Golf View Appartments where we stayed in Jamshedpur. It was a nice journey. 5 of us including me(2nd from right), Mintu(left), Tanmoy (right), Dhiraj (cameraman) & Karna (2nd Left) enjoyed this trip to its fullest.

It Took utmost 40 Mins to reach that place. For the first time when I heard this name I though its totally wastage of time to visit a water reservoir. But after reaching that place I was forced to change my thoughts by the scenic view.

Thousands of people used to gather, pass their leisure time with full enthusiasm. Men, Women, Children, Couples of all age. Enjoying the scenic view, enjoying their precious time of happyness. You can shout here at your extreme, no one to bother.

It is 13 km from the city on the slope of the Dalma Hill which is another spot to be seen at Tata. It is also supplying water to the city. Lake House of Dimna is at the bank of the lake. Absolutely breathtaking for stay. Rooms are allotted with the permission from TISCO.

Surrounding of the Subarnarekha is also lovely. Enthusiasts can go to Domohoni from Sakchi by bus or auto to see the sunset. Subarnarekha and Kharkai have met at Domohoni, which is a nice spot for picnic. Hudco Dam, 10 km away is another viewpoint of Tata.

From left Tanmoy (lokai)
next is Dhiraj (lebo)
me (don) and right most is mintu (buddha).
Sitting near dimna top of border (fully loaded).

All of us in dancing mood after lunch, weather had made me mad.

all of us were hallucinated by the beauty of the place. specially me, I was dancing and singing all the way.

btw there I also tried to taste a new profession. Please ! don't laugh at me by seeing this picture coz I know that time I was leaving on a Jetplane. The real pilot was also giving me real encouragement and I did the landing well without crashing/thrashing anything. Reached Safe. Tango Over n Out.

It was a nice journey. We enjoyed it so much that I can't express it through my words.

My brave friend Buddha (Mintu) and Dhiraj (Lebo) did are really brave as you can see in this picture. there was less than 1/2 inch of space to keep the ass down, and if u fell down, therez no one to help you out. I was totally freaked off after knowing that.me (top) mintu (middle) and dhiraj(bottom)